Website Configuration Services

Webox Solutions as the name implies is a one-stop solution carrying a variety of web related services covering the web building, web configuration and web marketing areas.

We allow our clients to pick up a complete customized solution for their web businesses whether they require web design, web development, web marketing service or they need support to set up a complete web business.

Domain Registration

It is very frequent that our clients when availing any of our services ask us to provide them a complete package. Therefore, after developing and marketing their websites, we have had to start providing them a complete web set up starting from the domain registration service as well.

You may avail this service on very minimal charges and with a package of Webox, we sometimes offer it for free.

Domain Registration

We are here to help...

  • If you don't know how to register a domain for your website.
  • If you are not sure about which domain name suits your business?

Our service includes:

  • Providing you a list of suitable domain names from the available options
  • Suggesting the best TLD to support your web presence in targeted areas of your business
  • Complete registration process till pointing to your website
  • Keeping track of an expiry of your domain names

Web Hosting

Web hosting providers seems identical from the outside offering bandwidth and disk space. However, these are only a tiny proportion of the benefits you'll enjoy with the services of Webox Solutions.


You will be provided full access to your machine including the Linux interface. You can access your hosting instance using any FTP software you preferred.

Strong Support Center

Our trained and in-house experts are here to help our clients related to any difficulty they are facing and help them to resolve hosting-related issues.

Website Optimization

We help you identify which areas of your websites needs optimization to improve your website load time. This defends your website performance and mitigates the risk normally associated with heavy traffic and heavy content websites.


We create daily backups of your entire code files and databases as a contingency plan. You can easily restore your complete data with the last date of backup in case anything wrong happens to your local server.

At the same time, we will be providing you a backup space on our server to make your website up in a limited time period to save from downtime during disaster until you get your live server repaired.

Setup and Maintenance

Don't you have any IT staff within your staff to handle your website live set up?

Nothing to worry as you already landed to Webox Solution.

Setup and Maintenance

We will provide you the set up and continuous monitoring of your website. Our set up and maintenance service at very minimal cost caters the following:

What you will get?

  • All kind of support queries
  • Hosting updates
  • Code updates
  • Setting up promotional campaigns
  • And much more

Service Fees

    There are no fix charges for this service. It is flexible to our clients' need and our terms of reference with them.
    Sometimes, we do provide this service free of cost.

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